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How to Do Keyword Research [Infographic]

by Guuest Authoron February 24, 2012
Thanks to the Internet and search algorithms, people have learned to express their informational need in the form of keyword queries. Keywords can be easily called the major concept of the global theory of search optimisation because they are the point to start out any web search. Undoubtedly, one of the main tasks of SEO [...]
how to analize keywords

How to Build an Advanced Keyword Analysis Report in Excel

by Guuest Authoron February 6, 2012
Analyzing keyword performance, discovering new keyword opportunities, and determining which keywords to focus efforts on can be painstaking when you have thousands of keywords to review. With keyword metrics coming from all over the place (Analytics, Adwords, Webmaster Tools, etc.), it’s challenging to analyze all the data in one place regularly without having to do [...]


Quick Keyword Research for Your Blog Content

by Tharinduon October 5, 2011
When you’re working on new content for your blog or website, it really helps to know what people are looking for so that you can try and attract as much traffic as possible. Sometimes targeting your content can come down to anything as simple as just tweaking a title, or perhaps you need to find [...]