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Strategy for Sri Lankan Business in the age of Google

by on March 7, 2010

Reposting from 360 ahead,

Based on news we are getting, it’s now clear that Google has been hacked by China. Now Google is saying it will have to re-evaluate how it does business in China. For Google to pull up stakes and basically pull out of China, the attack must have been large in scope.

What does this means? This means that the war now is in cyber space and its now come to the next level. What consequence for Sri Lanka Businessman’s?

The internet has changed the way we live in our day today life. More people use internet, more opportunities arises for virtual business. And it’s not restricted to your country border. You will be able to reach whole world with minimum investment.  Now the market can not be divides as domestic or foreign.  For a small businessman operate in Sri Lanka can reach the global market. And also the other side of the picture, not only the local competitors you have to face  with international completion as well. For an example Vijitha Yapa Book Shop or Sarasavi Book Shop are facing this situation. Many people in Sri Lanka used to order book from Amerzon.com. Now they have faced the global competition. As a business looking for growth in future they need to adopt online marketing strategy for their business.

It will not be an easy task Global players are dominating the online world already. The Cyber war is started. It’s essential to at least take your first step in to online marketing. You don’t need to build comprehensive strategy; some times a simple strategy like having a fan page in Face Book can increase your brand awareness and can increase the relationship with your customers.


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