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Link Building Tools List & Evaluation

by on January 13, 2012

Link building is the practice of getting other sites to implement hyperlinks back to a web site. Especially for SEO experts, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge on the link building. It is not an easy job to find a quality authoritative websites to get a back links. And it’s a very tedious process. If you are an online marketing agency/SEO Agent or a freelance SEO expert you might be facing the same problem. That is “How to get quality back links, with a minimum effort and time?”

The best option you will consider is to find some helpful tools for the link building. Below are lists of helpful tools you can try. I have also evaluated some premium tools that can be used in a big scale or in an agency to increase the effectiveness and the efficiency of link building. Below is just my personal observation of the tools, no influence from mentioned tools.


Free Link Building Tools.

1. Buzzstream
This is a free tool and use Google search phrases (keywords) to find links.

2. SoloSEO
Link finder based on keyword.

3. Eightfoldlogic Linker
Act as match making site, social marketplace for link building

4. Majestic SEO
Majestic SEO Tool List. Create a account before you use it to access full details.

Premium Link Building Tools.

1. WordTracker
Check competitor’s links to find new links.
Price: $59.0 per month or $379.0 per year.

2. BuzzStream
Price: between $29 and $249/ month.

3. Advance Link Manager
Price: between $99 and $599/ yr.

4. Adgooroo
Mainly competitor link analysis.
Price: start at $399/ month.

5. Linkdex
All SEO tools
Price: start at $49 month.

6. Raven Tools
Based on SEO MOZ, Majestic SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Google ect.
Price: between $99 $249 per month.

7. Link Research tools
Based on SEO MOZ, Majestic SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Google ect.
Price: between € 149 € 299 per month.

Link Building Tools Evaluation

Link Building Tools Evaluation

If there is something need to be changed/ add please let me know? Hope to hear from you all.

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