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10 Things You Can Easily Do Today to Speed up Your WordPress Site [Video]

by Guuest Authoron July 25, 2017
(Note: This post is a transcript of the above video) I’m hopefully going to help you to solve your WordPress site speed issues. Now, a lot of you are like me – You’re a marketer, you’re not a developer. And I keep hearing people like, “I know my site’s slow, but what am I going [...]

The Rise of Account Based Marketing through AI [Podcast]

by Guuest Authoron July 24, 2017
Nate Skinner, Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce, has been in B2B marketing for ten years with a focus on enterprise software, cloud, and mobile technology. Nate is responsible for B2B marketing for Salesforce, Pardot, and Einstein. In this episode of The Social Business Engine podcast, Nate and I are diving into Salesforce Einstein [...]

The Key to Social Media Success is Authenticity. Always.

by Guuest Authoron July 23, 2017
This speaks to me on so many levels that I had to share it. It comes courtesy of an internet marketer I’ve bought software from in the past – his latest product is one that produces “fake” Facebook Live viewers, Likes, and so on: I blocked out the bottom portion of the ad (complete with [...]

7 Tips to Help Improve Your Marketing Copy

by Guuest Authoron July 23, 2017
Most of us dream of writing a novel at some time or another. Who wouldn’t love the thought of sipping a latte, crafting a few words in a chapter of their novel, telling stories, and soaking up a healthy combination of royalty checks and public praise for the effort? But, as a marketer you’ll need [...]

The Importance of Email Typography [Infographic]

by Guuest Authoron July 23, 2017
While email marketers are going crazy with images, GIFs, videos and other eye-catching ways to allure email subscribers, there’s one basic, yet effective, element that can make your emails stand out among the rest in the most subtle way – typography. What exactly is typography? Simply put, typography refers to the way text is displayed [...]

5 Tips on How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business

by Guuest Authoron July 22, 2017
There are so many ways to connect with your audience on Facebook, one of which is starting a dedicated Facebook group. Creating a group solely focused on talking to your customers, and sharing content they will love, can add real value to your business, and with Facebook’s more recent updates to groups – including the [...]

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen Forms

by Guuest Authoron July 22, 2017
LinkedIn is great for networking, but it can also be an amazing resource for prospecting and lead generation. Let’s look at some facts about its users, courtesy of HubSpot: LinkedIn is patronized by 25% of adult users. 46% of online adults with a college degree are on the platform, and 32% of employed online adults. [...]

26 Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website [Infographic]

by Guuest Authoron July 22, 2017
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Facebook Releases New Report on Video Consumption Behaviors on Facebook and Instagram

by Guuest Authoron July 21, 2017
If you haven’t already heard, video content is an important consideration for all brands on social. Video is currently the most engaging form of digital content, in general terms, and predictions are that consumer appetite for video will only increase – according to Cisco, 75% of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video by [...]

Google Introduces New, Personalized Information Feed to Improve the Utility of Their App

by Guuest Authoron July 20, 2017
As web search evolves into more predictive, intelligent models, Google’s working to evolve their app to meet the rising demands of the modern consumer. Back in 2012, Google introduced Google Now in their mobile app – Google Now is effectively a basic digital personal assistant, using your search history, appointments and other factors logged in [...]