Link Building

9 Tangible Linkable Asset Ideas and How to Build Links to Them

by Guuest Authoron April 19, 2012
When I started to work as an SEO for an Australian-based SEO agency in early 2010, I never knew anything about the work (optimizing websites and building links to them) and definitely unsure of most of the things that I have worked on during that time. All I did was to follow all the instructions [...]
links and rankings

How to Check Which Links Can Harm Your Site’s Rankings

by Guuest Authoron April 18, 2012
Matt Cutts’ statement in March 2012 that Google would be rolling out an update against “overoptimised” websites, caused great turmoil within the SEO community. A few days later thousands of blogs were removed from Google’s index and Matt tweeted confirming that Google had started taking action against blog networks. Even though thousands of low-quality blogs [...]


Broken Link Building Guide: From Noob to Novice

by Guuest Authoron February 20, 2012
Howdy Mozzers, My name is Anthony and I’m from Fargo, ND. First-time YouMozzer here. After reading this post, I hope you (in?)voluntarily scroll back up to the top to follow me on twitter (@anthonydnelson) and check out my blog Northside SEO. Today’s post is about broken link building. It’s been a popular topic in the [...]
Authority Links

The 10 Golden Rules to Attracting Authority Links

by Guuest Authoron February 9, 2012
In the world of link building, getting an authority link to your site/blog has been one of the most important aspects of growing your blog. Back in 2009 Page Level Link Metrics and Domain Level Authority Features accounted for over 46% of your pages own authority: In 2011, that percentage has dropped, but only by [...]

Strategic Link Building

Strategic Link Building: Why You Don’t Need To Outrun Lions

by Guuest Authoron January 31, 2012
One of my favourite SEO anecdotes goes like this: two men are walking through an African game reserve when they come across a lion, one of the men calmly puts down his backpack and slips on the running shoes he has been carrying. The other man chuckles and says, “You’ll never outrun a lion.” To [...]
Link Building Tools Evaluation

Link Building Tools List & Evaluation

by Tharinduon January 13, 2012
Link building is the practice of getting other sites to implement hyperlinks back to a web site. Especially for SEO experts, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge on the link building. It is not an easy job to find a quality authoritative websites to get a back links. And it’s a very tedious [...]