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Bing Revamps Hotel Search Results With New Carousel by @MattGSouthern

by on May 11, 2017

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Bing has revamped the user interface of its hotel search results with a new carousel at the top of the page. The carousel lets you scroll through various options based on your query.


As you can see in the screenshot, the information is being pulled from TripAdvisor.

Although clicking on one of the results does not bring you to the TripAdvisor page for that hotel. It doesn’t even bring you to a booking page.

Clicking on a result in the carousel prompts Bing to conduct a new search for the name of the hotel. From there, you can learn more about the hotel using any of the information contained in Bing’s search results.

If you look at the top of the carousel you’ll see several dropdown boxes. These can help you narrow your search down even further — perhaps you’re looking for a 4-star pet-friendly hotel, for example.

This new feature appears to only be live on desktop at the moment, which is interesting because it seems tailor-made for mobile. Maybe we’ll see the new UI make its way to mobile eventually.

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