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Link Building Tools Evaluation

Link Building Tools List & Evaluation

by Tharinduon January 13, 2012
Link building is the practice of getting other sites to implement hyperlinks back to a web site. Especially for SEO experts, it is essential to have an in-depth knowledge on the link building. It is not an easy job to find a quality authoritative websites to get a back links. And it’s a very tedious [...]

Quick Keyword Research for Your Blog Content

by Tharinduon October 5, 2011
When you’re working on new content for your blog or website, it really helps to know what people are looking for so that you can try and attract as much traffic as possible. Sometimes targeting your content can come down to anything as simple as just tweaking a title, or perhaps you need to find [...]


How to Get Ready for Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam-Tips

by Tharinduon July 27, 2011
Few days before I took the Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and passed with 91% pass mark.  For Google Adwords Fundamental exam you must score at least 85% marks.  Number of question will be 113 and the duration of test is 3 hours.  Time is not a problem, you have to carefully read all questions and answers because [...]

TESCO – South Korea – A New Way to Online Retail Marketing

by Tharinduon July 10, 2011
Marketing is an competitive industry, online marketing is even more dynamics and changing in every second. We usually do marketing to survive in our market place , but this video will tell you , how a well analyzed market research and well aligned marketing strategy will drive you to be the market leader. Think Different , even in cyber space …


Social Media Has Become the Next Ranking Factor for SEO

by Tharinduon February 23, 2011
By the last December Google has announced that there will be more advancements and changes to Google Social Search . On 17th February 2011 Google launched an upgrade to its search engine, adding social results for users signed in with their Google accounts. In addition to traditional website search results, searchers will start seeing results [...]

Will Facebook overtake Google ?

by Tharinduon September 29, 2010
This post was originally posted on While Facebook may have a fraction of the employees that Google does, the company is gaining increasing attention a potential rival to Google as it’s valuation has skyrocketed beyond $30 billion and it appears to be organizing (and making accessible via search) the semantic web. While there are [...]


7 Free Keyword Research Tools For Online Marketers

by Tharinduon August 17, 2010
Before writing any article, writing content for a website or before bidding for a keyword in Google AdWords , selecting the right keywords is the most important aspect for a good visibility in search engine.   For finding best keywords for your blog, there are several keyword tools available online. Hear are the 7 best [...]

8 Important Elements of On-Page Website Optimization

by Tharinduon July 18, 2010
Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) can be mainly separate into two. On-page SEO or Off-page SEO. Before you are going to think about off page optimization you need to follow the basic on-page optimization to get better results from Off-page SEO. Here i have listed 8 most important things you should pay attention if you [...]


Social Media Marketing: 27 Stats, Soundbites, and Slides -From Hubspot

by Tharinduon July 15, 2010
Social Media Marketing: 27 Awesome Stats, Soundbites and Slides  View more presentations from HubSpot Internet Marketing.

10 Things CEOs Need to Know About Web Design

by Tharinduon July 7, 2010
If you are going to start a new web design for your web site i would recommend you to go through this slide show it will give you a good idea how a greate looking and functional website can be design and develope.