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6 Things Marketers Need to Know About Snapchat Spectacles by @searchmastergen

by on August 11, 2017

It’s a constant challenge for even the most popular social media platforms to remain relevant and not lose their luster for users. That’s even more of a challenge for a brand whose core user base is under 34 years old the way Snapchat’s is.

But Snap, the self-proclaimed “camera company” behind Snapchat, continues to find ways.


And its latest product offering, Snapchat Spectacles, is the perfect next step — Snapchat’s first tangible product offered — that could be a significant enhancement for marketers and everyday Snapchat users alike.

Like most social channels, Snapchat has gone through a series of updates and changes since its launch in late 2011; some made the mobile app more user-friendly, some added or enhanced features, and others were built with the focus of making Snapchat a true content hub where some of the biggest brands could reach potential customers.

But what’s so great about these gaudy sunglasses with a built-in Snapchat camera?

Here are the six biggest reasons why Spectacles are will only increase in popularity, especially for marketers.

1. Optimal Video Viewing

One of Snapchat’s biggest nuances is how it plays back videos.

Because users tend to open the app often throughout (18 times on average per day) they usually open Snapchat in passing or while doing other things. So, users are almost always viewing Snapchat’s content in a vertical mode rather than the horizontally-shot best practice we’ve all learned from our experience with YouTube. (Right?

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