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5 Tips to Manage Global PPC Campaigns Effectively

by on May 18, 2010

Global  PPC Campaigns

If you are thinking of expanding your markets internationally  paid search (Pay Per Click ) offers the unprecedented ability to break into new markets with low upfront costs in very short period of time.

However, you need to be careful in managing your regional PPC campaigns and customizing it to a targeted country. Before you put things  online think like offline marketer, how you are going to  enter in to a new international market. Most of those principles need to apply in online marketing as well.


Here are few tips you need to consider when managing global  PPC Campaigns effectively.

1. Choose your targets and languages  carefully

Pay Per Click marketing makes it easy to expand in new markets, but analytics need to be checked carefully to identify visitors who search in English no matter where they are located . Most of the users search in English but customers like Germans will search in Dutch ,this is same for countries like China.  Google has different domains for different countries such as Google.lk or Google.de .

Based on that you need to select  what languages  you are targeting when you are  setting up the PPC campaigns. If you going for the local languages you need to translate your add to local language to get better result.

Always begin your campaign with a overall  global plan. Once you have a representative selection of data, you can optimize on a country-by-country basis.

2. Use Local keywords, be a Local

Make sure nothing is lost in translation. Little things that give the local flavor such as accents, spelling  separated by commas or periods can also have an impact on search results. The best way to include what locals look for is to capture their actual search queries and turn those into effective keywords.

The best way to check translations is to benchmark your ads with competitors and see how the top ranked ads are written.

3. Take into account different demographics.

The offline marketing principles are again apply here. Do not assume that different countries have the same culture and internet usage habits as others. For instance , countries like Sri Lanka has a relatively low internet  penetration compared to UK or USA. You also need to know  when ,how your target customers log in to internet.

You need to know the timing correctly. When people searching for a summer vacations you need to advertise , not ad the end of summer of through out the year. Is a fat that most of the customers book their summer holiday at east in two months in advance , so you need to know when you are going to advertise and when you need to scale up the PPC bids.

Always produce reports that will enable you to see consolidated data by different time periods and days of the week to identify patterns that are unique to individual countries.

4. Advertise on local-market search engines.

Although GOOGLE has over 75% market share Google is not the only way to reach international markets. Rremember that there are local search engines out there with huge market share, such as Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China, that can help expand your market reach.

5.  See the whole picture.

Analyze the results based on each location, region and geography across search engines and languages.  Use analytics for your campaigns like Google Analytics . Integrate your Google adward accounts or any other PPC campaigns with Google analytics.  Through that you can get the whole picture.

Make sure you have a closer look on your campaigns, manage  campaigns manually  or use softwares like Adwords Editor if you have multiple campaigns.


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